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Quilting Prices

There is a $30.00 minimum charge for all work.


$0.005/sq inch plus $20.00 set up fee. This service is for hand quilters to stabilize the quilt.

Basic Edge to edge quilting (6 inch pattern or larger)

$0.015/sq inch. Average cost $35 to $156.

Advanced Edge to edge (2 to 6 inch pattern)

$0.02/sq inch. Average cost $35 to $208.

Custom Quilting

Includes adding border design and up to 9 different block designs. $0.03/sq inch and $20 for each additional border design and $5 for each additional block design. Average cost $51 to $311.

Heirloom Quilting

Included 2 border designs and up to 15 block designs. Each additional border design is $20 and $7.50 for each additional block design. $0.04/sq inch. Average cost $69 to $414.

See design book for specific patterns and pricing. Some lighter designs are cheaper while some more intricate designs are more expensive. The above prices are only an average and are subject to change without notice.

Additional Charges

  • Batting and backing if not supplied
  • Thread: $5 specialty thread charge
  • Quilting preparation or repair $15/hour
  • Attaching binding $0.15/inch
  • Hand binding $0.25/inch

We offer 4 levels of quilting

Basic edge to edge

This is a very simple pattern that runs edge to edge and is the most economical

Advanced edge to edge

All over flowers, leaves and more detailed designs that run from edge to edge.

Custom Quilting

Individual block designs and some border designs

Heirloom Quilting

Intricate block designs, quilting around appliqué and more complex border designs.